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stu basset

Stu, or “Stuey” is a Carpenter from Te Puke, New Zealand. He has worked on many projects, but his favourite thing is turning up at the job site to work among friends. Stu is also a talented kiwi farmer and tends to multiple orchards that produce kiwis on the peninsula, which you’ll find in many local products (like kombucha and beer!).


What values drive your everyday life?
Be a good person, do my bestest.

Favourite pump-up song?
Don't stop, never give up and Reach, by S Club 7

What’s something you’re most proud of (either at work or personally)? 
My two beautiful kids, Findlay and Lillian

What’s a fun fact about you that people might not know?
I've got great rhythm, am a semi-pro singer and I’ve sailed across the Atlantic