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Anthony ficko

Anthony, more commonly known on the job site as “Tony,” “Tone,” or “Tonus” (those are the names we can share here), is a Carpenter with NZ Builders. Tony is a first-generation Canadian “prairie boy,” born to parents who immigrated from Slovenia. While his official role is building, Tony is notorious for being the “punny” guy and onsite cheerleader. He also moonlights as our company photog and is the detailed eye behind the lens of many of our projects and glamour shots of our crew.


What values drive your everyday life?
Honesty, integrity, discernment, diplomacy and fairness without prejudice. I try to accurately represent personal values that align with the collective values of the company, NZ BUILT.

Tell me about your favourite NZB project you ever worked on, and why you loved it?
A project in North Saanich, where I worked from concept to closure. I learned a lot with regard to performance, perseverance, productivity, preservation of professionalism, presentation, pace, partnership, perennial precipitation, praise, periodic pain, pride in product, proposals, personal progress, patronage, patience on the pat-bay….and proper porta-potty protocol….plus plenty more :)

Favourite pump-up song? 
Complete Control - The Clash
She Sells Sanctuary - The Cult
I Feel Love - Donna Summer
Pitbull Terrier - Die Antwoord
and….of course…Pump Up the Jam - Technotronic