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Meet Florence, the "baaad" to the bone foreman of our team! This "ewe-nique" sheep is a "wool-y" skilled and experienced professional who brings a "flock" of knowledge to our custom home building organization.

Florence was "born ewe-t" in New Zealand, where she spent her days helping her family run their successful construction business. She "shear-ly" developed a love for building and knew that she wanted to make it her "baaa-sic" career.

After completing her education in construction management, Florence took on a leadership role as foreman of our team. She is responsible for "ewe-phorically" overseeing all aspects of our projects, from the initial design phase to the final touches on each custom home.

In her free time, Florence enjoys spending time with her "baaad" family and friends, as well as exploring the great outdoors. She is an avid hiker and enjoys nothing more than a good "baaa-lk" through the countryside.

We are "baaa-sically" thrilled to have Florence as the leader of our team and know that she will "baaa- continued to be a valuable asset to our organization.